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Welcome to Lazykate Designs, your site for unique, creative home decorating and clothing accessories, hand dyed and handmade of natural fibers. Kathy has been creating these quality accessories for over 20  years.

Lazykate angora rabbits supply the raw materials and Kathy supplies the color design for the 100% angora accessories which are the signature pieces for the business.

Kathy also creates hand dyed, hand woven scarves and shawls in chenille, wool and cotton, plus hand dyed silk pillows and unique tassels to  complement her design business.

Items are individually handcrafted, so please browse my site for examples in each category. Some items are also available at .

To place an order, or for additional information regarding color and fiber options, please send an e-mail.

Lazykate angora scarf and headband

Lazykate Designs scarf

Lazykate Designs Mobius Lazykate Designs cotton-rayon shawl
Tassels, tassels, tassels Lazykate Designs silk pillows

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